A lot have chanced this year but one thing hasn’t. It’s still Christmas no matter what. It looks very different than most are used to. And then there is this place. Everything is as usual. The house is decorated. The gifts are wrapped and almost ready. The ribbons are not going to be added until just before they go under the tree. The catties are very good at “helping” and they love ribbons so.. The tree is decorated and easy to maintain. It’s plastic because of the pets. Well.. doggo is really good and leaves it alone. The catties.. well, they know better. They have years of xp, but they also have the zero-f’s-given attitude that real cats have. Pine is poison to all the paws so there’s none of that and I prefer safe pets than a real tree. Besides.. I like the trees to be outside anyway. The little pine in front of the house was a little under six ft. when I moved in. It’s much taller than the house now. Big, beautiful and strong.

The shopping trip two days ago was exactly the kind of nightmare I expected. Masks yes, distance no and free!! handsanitizer is only for decoration, right? There are people – my self included – who are so tired of other people because they refuse to help out in the fight against the virus. Their selfishness makes us let our passive aggressiveness have a little fun. So we stare very rudely at people who walk by the sanitizer stand – ignoring it – while we wipe our own hands and cart handle, staring at the stand and return the stare to the custumer who apparently is too stupid to get it. This is great fun! Especially if we’re a couple of customers who gang up on them. Distance makes it even funnier – no matter what direction the custumer looks in for an escape, there’s another hand-wiping stare! They get flustered (some even angry), make all kind of camouflage-movements to cover up that they thought they were above the rules. No they’re not! Then they hurry back to get the sanitizer and everyone stops staring at them. Some even gives them a friendly nod and a smile. They only get a blush or angry eyes in return. Ahh it’s so fun to mess with a certain segment of people. And the best part is: not a single word is said while all this is happening so there’s no drama anywhere.

I got what I needed in the store. No need to panic (everybody is buying the same things so sometimes they run out) since the only traditionel dish I’ll be eating for Christmas is risalamande with the “obligatory” almond and cherry sauce on top. (Psst: I know what the finder of the almond is going to get – it’s a good one! 😋 ) Soo.. No duck or goose here, no pork roast (I think it’s called) is going to be served here. I don’t like duck, it’s way too rich. A whole goose just for me seems like I’ll be eating that for a month – a piece of it still needs a lot of kitchen work so naah… I’m so tired of traditional food for Christmas. I don’t like most of it so I decided: why eat something you don’t want?! Christmas isn’t about eating certaing things. It’s about eating something you like! At least that’s what I think. So I’ll be making a pot of ordinary food with turkey breast that’ll last for at couple of days and I’ll enjoy it all the more because I haven’t spent all day in that infernal kitchen missing everything and being too tired to enjoy the evening! I’ve done that so many times it’s a relief not to have to. I can do what I want – that feels good!

I’m ready. I think. If I forgot something, well.. everything is closed, so I can’t even pretend to care! Christmas is just around the corner no matter what and I welcome it. I’m looking forward to Christmas just like every year. A nice meal, the joy of giving gifts and getting a couple of gifts, a bit of mulled wine, a bit of music and a movie will be good. Just being in the world, having a good time with the paws, sending certain people a loving thought. That’s what I’m looking forward to. It’s gonna be nice ❤

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