Christmas Story 2020 part 4..

Fourth Sunday of Advent

All four candles are lit. A golden star has been added along with gifts, a glass Christmas tree and a yule goat. Santa himself is sitting beside the candles with a child in his lap. Merry Christmas!

Glimmerheart was on his way to Santa’s office. He had a box that jumped around making it difficult to hold it. Lila saw him and ran over to help.

Santa looked up from his lists when Glimmerheart and Lila came into the office. Glimmerheart said: “Please summon and seal. It’s urgent!” Lila sat down on the box to prevent it from opening. Santa could see that Glimmerheart was serious. He pushed the big red button that summoned the most important elves at once. They came running from all directions and when everyone was present Santa sealed the room so noone could leave. “Now!” he said looking at Glimmerheart “What’s going on?!”

Glimmerheart took a deep breath then said: “have any of you found the book?” They shook their heads. Pepper had checked out his equipment and found no flaws. Wunorse hadn’t made much progress with his invention because Rudolf was acting up. He paced around in his stall and kept returning to the bales of straw. Wunorse was just about to remove the bales when he was summoned.

Suddenly it came from the box: “Let me out! I’ll explain everything!” Glimmerheart opened the box and inside it was.. a cat! A real cat. Black all over with yellow eyes. Santa stared. So the rumours were true – there WAS a cat, but.. The cat jumped out of the box and right before their eyes it turned invisible! Only the eyes could be seen. It looked at them and then closed its eyes. Now it couldn’t be seen at all! This explained everything!

“This is how I’ve been able to sneak around in the village” a voice from near the door said. The cat became visible again. “I’m not an elf nor a cat. The cat just made it possible for me to get to places without being noticed. The “cat” turned into someone who looked a bit like an elf.. just purple all over.

“My race comes from the planet Urilia – it’s very far away from here. There’s always hostility and hate and I’m.. different. I don’t like fighting. They tried to make me change but I can’t change who I am. I don’t know what they would have done but I wasn’t safe and knew I had to get away so I stole a small spaceship. My name is Kmubrip, but you know me as Chippy.

“How did you find us?!” Pepper asked. “Your alarm system is perfect!” Kmubrip/Chippy said. “If the northern lights hadn’t messed with the instruments I’d never have found you. You see.. there was a hole in the protection “bubble” you made so I simply steered after the tiny glimpse I got of the village. As a cat I could go through the ventilation system and here I am.

“The Book?!” Santa’s deep voice had an undertone of anger. “It’s in the bale of straw in Rudolf’s stall. He’s a clever animal. I didn’t think he’d understand but he did. He wouldn’t let me move it once he figured it out. Santa asked: “why?!” now his voice sounded more disappointed now. “I didn’t mean any harm. I just tried to find a way to make my race more friendly but I couldn’t figure out the magic you have here. I’m so sorry..” Kmubrip/Chippy bowed his head.

Santa sighed. “Chippy! The law of this village demands that I punish you.” Kmubrip/Chippy looked nervously around. “Firstly! Henceforth your name shall be Chippy Mistletoe – let’s face it, there’s no Christmas in the other name!” Santa looked at Chippy “and secondly you will be assigned to assist Pepper Mintstix for a year. You will obey every order he gives you. As a cat you will be a great help for him. Understood?” “You mean I can stay?” Chippy asked. Santa looked at him. “I don’t see how I can let you leave.” Chippy looked up – he couldn’t believe his ears. He saluted Santa: “Yes sir!”

“Lila! Glimmerheart! You deserve to be punished too for causing panic! But.. I must admit that without your gossip the cat wouldn’t have been caught in time. How DID you catch it?” Santa said. Glimmerheart looked at Santa with a mischievous expression on his face: “A trap!” he said. “Lila told me about the cocoa, so I tried other things. I turned out that the ca.. eh Chippy is crazy about candy canes!” “I see” said Santa. “Well ok. I want you to help out in the kitchen. Mrs. Claus is going to need all the help she can get.” “Will do!” Lila and Glimmerheart said.

Santa turned to Wunorse and said: “Would you escort Chippy to the stable? I think there’s something in the straw that Mrs. Claus will be happy to have back!” Wunorse nodded and made sure that Chippy didn’t get a chance to get away. Santa unsealed the office and everyone left. Before long Chippy was in the kitchen with the precious book in his arms. He walked over to Mrs. Claus and gave it to her. “I’m so sorry!” he said looking down at the floor. He was so ashamed he couldn’t look at her.

Mrs. Claus took the book and put it on the table. Then she gave Chippy a hug and said “You know.. the book is back – that’s the most important thing. I’m sure something like this will never happen again.” Chippy looked up at her. He felt that her gaze went right through him. He didn’t know what to say. “Now! I’m told that you’re Pepper’s new assistent. I think you should go over to his office now. Do your job well!” Chippy nodded, turned around and ran. Mrs. Claus looked after him. Sugarplum Mary came over to her. “Are you sure we can trust him?!” she said. Mrs. Claus smiled a little and said: “I’m sure. We’re not going to have any trouble with him.” Then she turned around, faced the kitchen and her two new assistants. “Listen up!” she said. “We have four days to get most of Christmas to happen. Crank up those ovens – we have a whole lot of baking to do!”

Thus ended the story. I hope you’ve enjoyed it..

Copyright © 2020

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