Getting there..

🎶 På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød… 🎶

Oops.. wrong song. Heck! Wrong language! Where’s the switch?! Looking around in the mess that is my workspace. It looks like Santa’s workshop but don’t tell him – I don’t want to work at the Northpole. Do you know how difficult it is to get a pizza up there?! Anyway.. here it is: flip! Ah much more better (thanks Cap’n Jack). Let’s try this again:

🎶 Deck the halls – the words went awol
Gonna say something to you all
Hang in there, we’re gonna make it
Christmas’ here, let’s celebrate it
Falalalalalalalalaaah 🎶

Ha! Nailed it!! I said in an earlier post that it takes about 20 days for me to find my Christmas spirit. It’s been 17 days and I’m almost there – nothing and nobody is going to spoil my Christmas. This one is very different, very weird and things are missing BUT it’s my Christmas and it’s gonna happen! I can’t go anywhere and I can’t have company over but I’m celebrating – not because of but in spite of!

Anyways.. it’s cold (to me at least) and the rain is pouring down as usual. I may have to start looking for trout in the mouse trap.. I don’t think even the most determined optimist can hope for a white Christmas unless something really weird happens very soon. I don’t think so. According to statistics it’s only happened seven times in the last 120 years so yeah.. It’s going to be grey and mild as usual. Good thing we have fake snow, and it’s not cold or melts. And if we time the trips outside, Moxxi won’t get sad or mad either.

Just a couple of minutes ago she wanted to go outside but she changed her mind very fast because of the rain. “Hooman!! why didn’t you say so? You KNOW it’s my cryptonite!” Turned around faster than you can say super-treat and inside she went. Soo.. you’re not going outside? “Nope!” Ok, I’ll just find the towel and dry your coat. Maybe she’s a bit spoiled but that’s ok. It has to be more comfortable – and better – for her to be dry and warm. We’re gonna do something inside instead. Like playing “Mox is a hooman” to see what a mask would look like if she wore one. Just for funzies and no filter in it – it’s not made for her after all. She was really good and patient. Maybe we’re a bit weird? Yep. Are we bored? Nope! 😉

Have a really great day and stay safe.

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