Christmas Story 2020 part 3..

Third Sunday of Advent

Golden bows are added along with small blue and dark red balls. More pine cone are strewn around the candles. Three candles are lit.

There was wispering in every corner of the village. Noone was supposed to say anything about the secret so naturally everyone in the whole village knew that Cristmas was in jeopardy. Everybody knew that the Great Recipe Book was missing but nobody knew who took it or what to do about it.

There were episodes where the elves suspected each other and Santa had to figure out the truth. Like when Milky Alltheway was positive that Tinsel Pinetree had taken the book and therefore called the guards who took Tinsel to Santa’s office. It turned out that Tinsel was innocent and the book was his own. He liked to look at old pictures of airplanes and he had enlarged the book to be able to see the details in the pictures.
Or the time Holly Silverbell was suspected of smuggling cookies out of the kitchen to eat all of them herself. It wasn’t until Santa asked how the cookies had been made without the ovens being turned on, the elves realized that Holly probably hadn’t taken anything and had to apoligize.

This went on and on. Some even spoke about having seen floating eyes or even an almost transparent cat but noone was able to say for sure what it was. That was indeed madness. Where should a cat come from? Had it walked across the ice to get here? Or fallen from the sky? No! Utter phooey! The elves must have been out in the snow for too long! Santa had to find a way to stop this madness before anyone got seriously hurt.

Lila sprinted around in the whole village. It was as if the need for cocoa was even bigger now so she had to run really fast to keep up. But she was glad to do so. Everywhere she came she received happines and gratitude for her cocoa. She met Chippy Mistletoe in the corridor at the workshop. “Hi Chippy, do you want some cocoa?” she asked. “Erh.. I’ll be right there. I just have to find some more stuffing for the teddybears!” Chippy hurried down the corridor and disappeared around the corner.

Lila had a puzzled look on her face. Why did he need stuffing when the toymaking machine didn’t work? Ah well, she thought, he was a weird elf anyway. It seemed as if he did everything he could to avoid her. He always had to do something else when they met. She couldn’t remember him wanting cocoa even once. Furthermore; he always wore gloves – even indoors. Weird! She shrugged and walked on. Soon she was at the stables.

“Hiya Wunorse! Want som cocoa?” But Wunorse wasn’t there. Just the reindeer and Rudolf was behaving odd. He sniffed in a very focused maner in the corner of his box. “What is it boy?” Lila asked him. “It’s just bales of straw, you know.” Then she heard bells and knew that Wunorse was on his way. She also knew that he was very fond of her cocoa so she readied a mug for him.

He walked into the stables while he focused on scribbling something on his notepad. A new invention maybe? Lila stood in his path and held out his mug and he didn’t see her until he almost bumped into her. He looked at the mug then gave her a big smile. “Ah thanks Lila – just what I needed! You know.. they keep saying there’s a cat here and I want to invent a detector to find it because it seems as if it disappears into thin air and cats can’t do that!” Lila just nodded. She knew that when he was like this he didn’t hear much of anything. He put down the mug on her tray without really noticing it and continued his scribbling and mumbling. “It should be possible to detect the movements of the whiskers.. if a modifier is inserted here with a connecter.. hmm.. maybe a fur analyzer? .. that could work.. hmm…”

To be continued..

Part one of this story can be found here and part two is here

Copyright © 2020

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