So dark, but there’s a little light..

It’s so dark and cold. All the time. It feels like it’s dark when I get up and dark when I go to bed. It’s like this every year but somehow I find it harder to cope with as time goes by. Maybe it’s old-person-syndrome or I’m simply sick and tired of cold and dark that it gets to me more. I don’t know. I’m just sick of it. We – as in me and my joints – want sun and warm weather. But.. I found out that I can walk all the way home from the nearest store. It’s a couple of miles and I need to bring the limo but I can do it! I asked for a ride when a friend of mine went to work. So I got out of the car at the gas station and she took off. Now there’s no way out of this hehe. Went inside the store to get the one thing I really needed to buy, kept as far away from people as I could (as usual I was one of the two or three people in the store with a mask), got a little ekstra as usual and prepared for the trip home.

I don’t understand – it’s not that hard to cooporate and follow the guide lines. I heard someone say something about personal freedom. That got me thinking about how some people seem to think it’s about them as a person. It’s way bigger than that. It’s about all of us – at the same time. Meaning: all of us need to work together – at the same time – it’s not that hard! It got me thinking how useless personal freedom really is if you’re pushing up daisies… I don’t have time for this. I have a plan and I need to get home before it gets dark.

It went better than expected. It only felt like my chin was freezing off but the rest of me was warm. Took a couple of pictures along the way. The geese are still getting together in huge floks and the noise is indescribable – hundreds of voices are being heard over the fields. On the ground the seagulls – who’re normally very loud too were completely drowned out. They were focused on getting an easy meal in the newly plowed soil – but for once I couldn’t hear them. Counting hills on the way kept me focused and when I saw the tip of my roof I knew it was ok to take a little brake. Not too long – the muscles hate getting back to work again.

Home at last. A couple of hours had gone by and there was a doggo who was more that ready to take a turn outside too. Ok, let’s do that while I’m looking like the michelin-man anyway. I took the picture of Moxxi at 4.15 pm. There IS a bit of light but not enough for the camera to pick up so it blasted off the flash almost blinding me and making the surroundings look really dark. Time to go inside and bake some cookies I think!

I made what I wanted. A glass with trees that look like the trees outside. I’m not particularly good at painting but it was fun and the best part is; it’s easy to clean the glass and start again or make something else. Finding pleasure in the small things – that’s what gets me through this darkness.

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2 thoughts on “So dark, but there’s a little light..

  1. I think I must be quite a bit further north than you are. I don’t see any snow in your photos. Snow reflects a lot of light. I makes everything so much brighter. So I like/love it. We are now into the minus double digit temperatures now. I’ve never thought of painting on glass. Great idea.


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    1. You’re right. There’s no snow anywhere and no minus temperatures either. I would like some snow for the reflection of light (and Moxxi’s amusement) but I like that it’s not freezing cold at least You’re really good at painting – I think you could make an awesome glass! 😁

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