I thought I could write a small story before the clock strikes twelve, but I’m not feeling it. There’s nothing there right now. It’ll be back. I know what I did wrong – that’s a great start to do things right. I thought I could put the blog and what I do with it in […]

Afraid in the dark..

Short story Wilbur sat up with a jerk. He’d just moved in and needed a little rest but then he fell asleep. What was is he’d heard? He was sleeping peacefully and was dreaming but then there was this sound that didn’t belong in the dream. What had made that sound? Stomp!! … Stomp!! It […]

Merry Christmas 2020

Made the last batch of “vaniljekranse”. Directly translated it’s: vanilla wreaths and I’m going to stick with that and here’s why: I tried to find out what it translated into and “Danish butter cookies” is a thing yes, but it’s not this. There’re no almonds and no star stape and those has to be there, […]


A lot have chanced this year but one thing hasn’t. It’s still Christmas no matter what. It looks very different than most are used to. And then there is this place. Everything is as usual. The house is decorated. The gifts are wrapped and almost ready. The ribbons are not going to be added until […]

Christmas Story 2020 part 4..

Fourth Sunday of Advent Glimmerheart was on his way to Santa’s office. He had a box that jumped around making it difficult to hold it. Lila saw him and ran over to help. Santa looked up from his lists when Glimmerheart and Lila came into the office. Glimmerheart said: “Please summon and seal. It’s urgent!” […]

Getting there..

🎶 På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød… 🎶 Oops.. wrong song. Heck! Wrong language! Where’s the switch?! Looking around in the mess that is my workspace. It looks like Santa’s workshop but don’t tell him – I don’t want to work at the Northpole. Do you know how difficult it is to get a […]

Christmas Story 2020 part 3..

Third Sunday of Advent There was wispering in every corner of the village. Noone was supposed to say anything about the secret so naturally everyone in the whole village knew that Cristmas was in jeopardy. Everybody knew that the Great Recipe Book was missing but nobody knew who took it or what to do about […]

Christmas Story 2020 part 2..

Second Sunday of Advent The air in Santa’s office was almost electrical. Shinny Upatree was standing next to Santa’s enormous desk. Mrs. Claus sat in a rocking chair, no longer crying but with at worried expression on her face. Wunorse Openslae and Bushy Evergreen had both been summoned and everybody was talking at the same […]


We all know them. The traditions that make things “right”. This time of year the traditions are very visible and what makes people happy – something we all need this year! People are thinking about Christmas, preparing the event in spite of everything. The thought of not being able to be with loved ones is […]