Thank you!..

There’s no Thanksgiving tradition here – that I know of. Some places the Harvest festival is celebrated and for the same reason. It’s held – if it’s held – when the main harvest is over. The exact date varies and since I’ve never attended one I don’t know anything about it. But Thanksgiving is something we know thanks to tv and internet. It’s another of the adopted traditions from U.S. and I think it’s a good one. There’s a lot of beautiful colours this time of year, a lot of produce harvested and it’s a great time to get together to eat, drink and be with loved ones.

This year is different of course and we can’t really do “as usual”. We can still decorate the house, put some delicious food on the table and open a bottle of something, but the rest is put on hold for now. That’s ok. Since I’m an endangered species maybe it would be wise to continue not to tempt fate. There’s not going to be anything special about today. It’s just another day and giving thanks isn’t tied to a holiday for me. Instead I’ve thought about things I’m grateful for. A bit of reflection if you like. This is what I’m thankful for so far:

Being alive and as healthy as can be expected. Don’t have the coof and don’t plan on getting it, so I’ll continue to be very careful. Avoiding people more than usual is effective and it doesn’t bother me. Keep doing the exercises and all that.

My personal chef who cooks and bakes, who tries new things and who is the one responsible for me having proper meals. Who is a rock for me when s*** hits the fan, who’s fun to be with, reliable and lovely.

The pets. They bring me joy and challenges, comfort and a shoulder should I need it. They are extremely good at keeping secrets and I can trust they won’t gossip. I wouldn’t want to be without their company either.

And you..! You, the subscriber. You, the visitor. You who pushed the like-button or left a kind comment. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! When I began this blog I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought a blog was kind of like talking to your self without it being weird. The interwebs can be such a cruel place. But I’ve only seen friendliness here and I try my best to be nice (as always) because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t always succeed and it’s simply because I don’t always know what to say. Questions are easy, they require an answer. Statements however.. I don’t always know what to do with them so instead of saying something weird (-er) I’ll just keep quiet. But know this; I truly appreciate each and every one of you, every like and every friendly comment.

So.. thank you and I wish you a great day. Take care and stay safe!

Pheasant walking in my driveway. He's proud and beautiful - and he knows!

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