Carrots and chimneys..

Sometimes Moxxi is too smart. Went to the store to get some coffee and ended up also buying vegetables, naan bread and some other stuff that wasn’t on the list. Typical. When I got home the grocery bag was inspected very thoroughly in case I forgot something for the doggo. Of course I didn’t – I promised didn’t I?! So she got the treat I bought for her and I could go to the utility room and put the vegetables there. It’s a great storage for them this time of year; cool but never below zero and it does free up space in the fridge.

Of course she had already sniffed the carrots. Her head in the veggie box sniffing, stopping at the carrots, looking at me. Translation: “Can I have one?” She gets an “ok” and carefully picks one of them. She takes it to the living room, the drops it on the floor. Sits down and waits for me. I pick the veggies I need and follow. Pick up Moxxi’s carrot on the way and end up in the kitchen, washing and peeling the carrots. Back to Moxxi who’s been waiting patiently the whole time and return her carrot to her. She takes it and enjoys eating it. Good doggo.

I’ve been playing with some cardboard the last few days. I like the idea of using it to build stuff or make creative things with instead of just throwing it in the garbage. Every year when Christmas is getting closer, I make a little something new in the “decoration department”. So adding some glue, acrylic paint, some glitter and fake snow I ended up with a chimney. The legs are from a failed crochet project and I didn’t want to throw them out. I had the idea that it might be fun to let Santa be stuck in a chimney so here’s the end result. Poor Santa 😄

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