Sweet journey..

Sometimes I’m lucky and it’s possible to follow a thing from the beginning to the end. I find it oddly satisfying and I’ve always found it interesting (and necessary) to know where things come from and how they’re made.
The sugar that’s used in so many things can come from sugar canes and also from sugar beets. I don’t know much about sugar canes except that the striped ones at Christmas that are really yummy, that you can get sugar from the real canes, and in Minecraft you can get sugar and paper from them. That’s about it. Sugar beets I know.

The beets are sown as soon as the soil is ready in the spring like everything else, but they grow extremely slowly so they aren’t ready for harvest until late september being the last crops to harvest in a year. So all through november and December they’re harvesting and putting the beets in big piles in the edge of the field. Then others collect them from the piles and drive them to the sugar factory, that’s running in maximum overdrive the next couple of months to keep up with all the beets that are coming from all corners of the local area.

The factory will transform the beets into all kinds of sweet products; white sugar, brown sugar, cubed, sugar and so on. I don’t have all the different kinds for a picture, I don’t use them – but I know of them. Just last night I used the last brown sugar for a delicious carrot cake. Yummy!

I remember an uncle back when I was a kid. He had cows and it was heaven for me to be in the stable with them. I learned where milk came from, what and how to feed the cows and to stear clear of the back end of them too. My uncle chopped sugar beets into smaller pieces with a shovel and the cows loved them. Sometimes I would get a small piece too, just to find out how they tasted. I understood why the cows loved them. Good times..

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