Test Driving The Limo..

I predicted that I would need help to some degree after my involuntary visit to hospital, so I decided to buy my self a limo. Always wanted one of those. Of course I can’t afford a real limo, but this will do fine. To be fair I did send someone to buy it because I wasn’t in the mood to tempt anything at this point in time. Didn’t have to wait more than half a day, then it was here. Of course Moxxi thought it was for her due to tbe “big box” sorting but she soon realized that it wasn’t edible and lost interest. The limo was surprisingly easy to assemble. Nice and big arthritis friendly handles and before long it was ready to use.

What a ride! Four wheel drive, powerful brakes, sturdy frame, beautiful colour, nice seat in the perfect height for the arms to rest so I can sit up straight and run some breathing exersices until the lungs are ok again. In addition there’s a roomy glove compartment (and there’s actually gloves in this one haha) but there’s also room for Moxxi’s toy of choise for the day, her LED-collar if I should need to see her better – it’s getting dark early now – and her clicker. I could find room for a thermos with coffee or cocoa and a mug for myself and maybe a sandwich or a piece of cake. And still there’s room for water and a bowl for Moxxi. Now that’s what I call a glove compartment!

The daily routine had to be changed. I need to go outside with Moxxi when the morning cup o’ joe and a bit of breakfast has jump-started the system. But the limo needs to go too. It took a little experimenting but we found a solution that works for both Moxxy and the limo – they wanted to get out the door at the same time. That was a bit messy – legs and wheels everywhere but they came to an understanding. When we’ve been outside for at least half an hour so that her needs are met for now, she’s ready for a nap. While she does that I’ll take my alone-time walk. A mile or two for now – depending on the weather, no lee anywhere so you get it all no matter what it is – while trying to have as few pauses as possible. I count the distance in hills in the road. “When I get to the top of that hill, I’ll take five” or “when.. I’ll turn around and go home” or something. I measure the distance on a map when I get home and write it down to keep an eye on the progress.

Afternoon is about spending more time outside with Moxxi, taking her for a walk, playing, training and just being there on her terms. Evening is about breathing exercises to make it easier to get some sleep. I talk to and care for the catties during the day, do chores and maybe crochet in the breaks. This is where amigurumi is nice. At some point it says “stuff the body/head” and that’s where I stop and go get something to eat. I hope that I don’t have to continue to spend that much energy on figuring out food – it’s way too time consuming. Time that I prefer to spend differently.

Found the energy and desire to try a new dish. It was so very easy to make and I’ve never heard of it before so of course I had to try. Don’t ususally have noodles but plain spaghetti will work just fine and it turned out really good. In those war days they didn’t have much produce so they made do with what they had and I respect that. I know people who still remember what it was like to get an orange for Christmas and it was cut into four pieces so all the kids could get a piece each. They still remember this because it was so special and rare at the time.

Today we’re lucky. We can have mango in Antarctica and ice cream in the middle of the desert if we want to. Next time I make this dish I’ll take advantage of that luck and add onion, spices and maybe som bacon cubes. I want to thank Diane for this lovely recipe. It’s definately one to keep!

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