Christmas Story 2020 part 1..

First Sunday of Advent Scary sounds came from the enormous kitchen. Shouting, clattering of pots and pans. The sound of something hitting the floor – breaking. It sounded like someone had broken in and was in the middle of searching through everything. The sound of crying could be heard behind the noises. Pepper Mintstix ran […]

Thank you!..

There’s no Thanksgiving tradition here – that I know of. Some places the Harvest festival is celebrated and for the same reason. It’s held – if it’s held – when the main harvest is over. The exact date varies and since I’ve never attended one I don’t know anything about it. But Thanksgiving is something […]

Carrots and chimneys..

Sometimes Moxxi is too smart. Went to the store to get some coffee and ended up also buying vegetables, naan bread and some other stuff that wasn’t on the list. Typical. When I got home the grocery bag was inspected very thoroughly in case I forgot something for the doggo. Of course I didn’t – […]

Sweet journey..

Sometimes I’m lucky and it’s possible to follow a thing from the beginning to the end. I find it oddly satisfying and I’ve always found it interesting (and necessary) to know where things come from and how they’re made.The sugar that’s used in so many things can come from sugar canes and also from sugar […]

Test Driving The Limo..

I predicted that I would need help to some degree after my involuntary visit to hospital, so I decided to buy my self a limo. Always wanted one of those. Of course I can’t afford a real limo, but this will do fine. To be fair I did send someone to buy it because I […]


Maybe I can make a proper post now. The worst rollercoaster feelings are gone and left is a more clear understanding of the situation and a more focused perspective on things. There’s not really any panic or anxiety left, just a stubborn determination – a defiance that won’t be silenced. Life threw another curveball at […]