Update – Out of order..

Back from hospital.

People are still being jerks, I won’t take that back because it’s still true. Still not good at keeping their distance unless it’s a special place like the hospital. That was amazing to experience, so different than what’s going on in public places. When I got “released” I made my way to the head entrance for an easier pick up by a friend, and everywhere there were masks or visirs, people staying apart and being very careful and attentive to other people around them. That restored some faith in humanity because it showed that if people really want to do something, they can do it, and it’ll work. And I guess that’s what we need to do; play the same tune to get the music right.

But.. It turned out it wasn’t the Coof after all. That’s good. It was however something else and rather life changing, that part isn’t good. Right now I’m trying to adjust to the situation and figure out how to deal with it. Still forced to slow down, can’t get rid of it and to be fair I’m a jackass too. I won’t pin this on others. It’s not all my fault – but I’m not entirely innocent either. There’s always a price to be paid no matter what we do. It’s part of the deal called life. It’s ok. I’m back and too stubborn to accept defeat.

Hopefully not for long. Someone had the “great” idea to give me the “gift” of 2020 by not keeping their distance and acting irresponsible meaning: being a jackass!! Sorry but I can’t see it any other way and I have nothing nice to say about who ever did this. Especially because I’ve been so very careful myself (being an endangered species and all), followed the rules, done everything I could to not get this, so it really ticks me off. I’ve discovered exactly how much work breathing can be. Trust me; it ain’t fun!! So.. I’ll continue to fight this crap. Unfortunately it takes what little energy I have but my goal is to get rid of it. Until that happens I’m forced to slow down…

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