Losing the head..

Short story

A scratching sound.. He turned his back to it. It sounded like something was approaching. A faint chitinous sound that grew louder. Something tugged at the edge of the duvet. He turned again. Small pressure points moving across it as if something was walking on it. He turned around again covering his head with the duvet. He needed to sleep. A sound like a faulty engine reached his ears. The tugging stopped but the feeling of something walking across the duvet was still there. He felt something tugging at him instead. Forcing him to turn around and lie on his back. He felt the pressure on his chest. His arms were held down – he couldn’t move.

He opened his eyes and saw mandibles. Opening and closing.. opening and closing. He closed his eyes. He refused to look. He could smell something unfamiliar but he didn’t know what it was. Something strange. The creature came closer. His eyes were forced open by the creatures legs. So many legs. So strange eyes. Staring at him. He couldn’t see any facial expressions but the behaviour of the creature so far told him this wasn’t a friendly social call. Not friendly at all. The mandibles kept opening and closing. He saw the creatures antennae come closer. They touched his forehead.

At first he didn’t hear anything. He felt something inside his head instead. Like when boxes are arranged in a certain way to make kind of a channel with “walls” of boxes on both sides. He heard something like static noice. Then it changed. He realised it was trying to communicate with him. He heard a faint voice: “..my body?!” It didn’t make any sense. He tried to sit up but the creature kept him pinned down. He was awake now – he was sure of it. He didn’t need any “help” to keep his eyes open.

A hornets head the size of a small dog sat on his chest, the antennae slapping him in the face, screaming at him: “Where is my body?! I want it back!!” He didn’t know what was going on but the hornet was very angry, that much was clear. Again it screamed at him: “I want my body back?! Where is it?!” The mandibles working frantically. “I..I don’t know!” he stuttered. He tried to look past that hideous head to see if there was a stinger. If there was it must be the size of a javelin. He couldn’t see anything behind the head except for the legs that somehow was attached to the head. Strange. He tried to move his head but the hornet held it in a vice-like grip.

“I’ll just take yours then!” The mandibles came closer. The alien eyes was cold. He couldn’t move. Forced his eyes shot. He thought: “so this is it. This is what it feels like to have your head ripped off..” Then something cold touched his neck – he began to scream…

Copyright © 2020 theqraftyquill.com

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