Things aren’t always the same. To one person a thing is this way. To another it’s another way. Neither are wrong. Like when some uses one knitting style and another uses a different style. As far as I know there are five “big” styles of knitting and then there’s all the variations. Every one of them is right to the person using them. I can knit – I’m just not good at it, so I’ll stick to the socks – those I can make without beeing frustrated to a degree that needs a crash course in anger management 😒 That being said I truly like to see what others can make with their needles and personal technique. It’s interesting and beautiful, creative and inspiring.

It’s the same with crocheting. I’ve often been criticized for the way I hold the hook. I’ve tried to hold it like a pencil, that I – against my will – was instructed was the “correct” way, but it simply doesn’t work. I can’t for the life of me get the hook to do what it’s supposed to. So.. why keep trying? I hold the hook like a sword or a stick and it works beautifully. So why change that? I’ve seen painters hold their brushes like a sword and also like a pencil when creating a painting, so why can’t I hold my hook the way I want? Does it matter how you hold your tool? Does it really? Isn’t it more important what you create with it? Does it matter how you get there as long as you get there? Why is is so important to some people to get others to do things the same way they do themselves? Why should I convert my way – that works, into a way that doesn’t? I’m never going to be able to understand that.

The Monster pattern is finally finished and I’m actually happy with it. It doesn’t look like much but there was a lot of trial and error, a lot of small details and a lot of changing my mind in the process. I’m slow to create a pattern, mostly because I’m not always in the mood and I get interrupted all the time but I’m fine with that. I don’t have to be fast – I just need to do it the best I can, without errors and easy to read and understand, so that if someone wants to make it, they won’t need that crash course. I got my chef and I’m grateful for that – it frees up time for me. And the lasagne with naan bread on the side last night was delicious! 😋

I tried – just for funzies – to make the monster again to see how long it would take. An evening and he was all done. I spend the best part of two weeks creating him and his surroundings, forgot to get pictures so back to square one – again. But that’s part of the challenge, part of the fun and I like the process. That’s the difference between making something from a finished pattern and creating the pattern from scratch and I like that difference.

Different is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just.. different. Maybe it should be embraced. We’re not clones – imagine how boring that would be. We don’t have to things the same way or be good at the same things. We are allowed to do thing the way we can and are comfortable with as long as we don’t hurt anyone or destroy anything. Maybe we just sometimes forget that others are allowed the same..

Have a great day no matter who or where you are ❤

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