In-between time..

The last couple of weeks have been a little rough. I’ll admit that much. It’s kind of limbo weather-wise, because the chill in the air makes it cold enough to not go outside without a jacket but not cold enough to shift to winter clothes all together. A couple of hours where the sun isn’t blocked by clouds, but then rain or wind. You can’t plan laundry-drying-outside after this pattern. A sweater inside is a really good idea now. I’ll admit I don’t like this time of year.

On the bright side I made a cover for Moxxi to protect her back from the draft. The word translates badly – it’s the closest thing I can find. But one of those blanket-things you put over the back of the horse in fall and winter. Just smaller and made out of a cheap blanket, but it works fine. When she’s working or running around outside she’s warm enough, but lying still at night it get’s a little cold in this in-between-time and it’s not comfortable for her. So she’s actually happy about it. Looks at it, looks at me, looks at it again. Ok I get it. If she’s not wearing it, she’ll burrow in my bed and be warm and fuzzy there. That’s fine.

The geese are starting to assemble. It’s easy to hear what they’re talking about, they’re very loud and the sound of them is going to fill the weeks to come. Only a couple of them now, but more and more will come and the sound will grow. They’re discussing the flight plan that’ll make them take off and fly south for the winter. It’s a bitter-sweet sound. It tells people that summer is definately over and the long, dark and cold winter is coming. It’s time to find a sweater, time to prepare the fireplaces, time to stock up on wood or brikettes to put in it. It’s time to figure out what’s going to be under the christmas tree – at least if it’s home-made stuff. The geese will go soon. I wish I could go with them. To warmer places.

I got free stuff! Who doesn’t like that? A while back I bought some yarn and I got a set of crochet hooks for free and I know.. it’s just a sales trick. You know: buy for this much moneyz before this o’clock and you’ll get this. But it’s free stuff! 9 Infinity Hearts Rainbow crochet hooks. That’s amazing!! I’m trying to get used to the handle but they’re short and I like that. All of a sudden I got more than 3 crochet hooks in the arsenal.

My little young apple tree produced a lot of apples this year. I had to support a branch to prevent it from braking and maybe I should have removed some of them earlier but I forgot. There’s three kinds of apples on that tree, it’s amazing what grafting can do. There are no apple trees for miles so a “family-tree” was the best choice. I can’t eat all those apples before they go bad so I tried to share one with Moxxi. She likes apples but not these, they’re a bit too sour, so I made apple sauce for the freezer. That also doesn’t translate well. To me sauce is thin and what I make is more like “mash” like mashed potatoes. That consistancy. Because it makes it more versatile that way. At least for this Skandinavian kitchen.

There’ll be pictures.. I just need my personal chef to be awake. For some reason my laptop suddenly refuses to recognize the crummy camera all of a sudden, so a flash drive is going back and forth when ever there’s pictures that are needed for this place. It’s ok. Just takes a little longer.

Anyway. Enough rambling. I have to go. A friend of mine fought a blender and lost two days ago, got help at the hospital and I promised to help changing the bandages today. Fortunately it “only” took half a nail and left some scratches and a very sore finger but when it’s the index finger on the dominant hand it’s quite inconvenient… ah well..

Take care and have a great day ❤

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2 thoughts on “In-between time..

  1. I’m certainly feeling the fall weather today. Cool and cloudy. But tomorrow promises warmth – 22 Celsius. I haven’t had apple sauce for a long while. Nor apple pies. I harvested 2 ice cream pails of grapes so maybe a grape pie I have a recipe. Hope you have a great day, too.



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