Disappointed.. but..

Remember the blackberries? They looked so promising. There were a lot of them and I had hoped for a harvest that was – if not amazing – then at least decent. But alas.. no harvest at all. I don’t know what happened but they didn’t grow bigger or ripened as usual, they just remained small and kind of dried up. So instead of spending a whole day harvesting it was over in half an hour. One pound. That was it. I went to rinse them and discovered multiple small white worm things on them and I thought: you know what? 2020 has been a rough ride so far – and this is the only time the pandemic is mentioned here except for the Boat Story, so.. I’m not taking any chances – there could be worm things inside as well – so I decided to throw the berries out. At least the insects can have a feast. It’s wild blackberries and last year I got twelve pounds so I’m not complaining. Nothing can be amazing every year, right?

I mentioned earlier that I had a couple of projects that really needed to finish. I did that. A pair of slippers are done. Warm, soft and comfy. The nicest thing I can say about them is: they’re functional. They’re not nice-looking and for that reason I didn’t take pictures, the shape and I don’t agree – they’re made correctly after the pattern but they look.. weird. I’ll try again but next time I’ll make them differently and hope it’ll give me the result I want. Sometimes it’s actually a good thing being stubborn – it makes you try to do better next time 😊

Moxxi and I spent all day yesterday outside. The soil is moist now and easy to work with. Four kind of plants are thriving in my garden: hollyhocks, blackberry vines, Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) and those infernal stinging nettles. A patch of the last two had gotten a little out of hand just outside the bedroom window, so there was a lot of pulling and driving the wheelbarrow to get rid of them. Moxxi “helped” me, walking in front of my legs being in the way, pulling vines, sniffing and digging everywhere. The knotweed is actually a beautiful plant, gives a nice shade and closes up holes in the foliage quite nicely providing privacy, but it IS invasive and if you can’t dig them up, you need to make and effort and pull them up or cut them down. All the time.

The stinging nettles.. I hate them. I really do. The slightest brush up against a leaf or stem makes the skin hurt really really bad. Some people eat them. That’s their business. I remove them. They’re just as invasive as the knotweed but not as nice. The good thing in all this is; when I began to disturb the plants, it also disturbed some mice and Moxxi was there like a hungry buzzard. Bam! One down and she turned into a cat, playing with the dead mouse, tossing it into the air and “catching” it all over again. Then turned into a dog again and rolled around in it. Yikes! But she’s having a blast and she’s allowed to go “crazy”. She caught two and we traded as usual. This trade takes a piece of raw meat before she’s willing to give up her prey. Fortunately she doesn’t eat the mice, so we don’t have to deal with tapeworms – that’s really nice. By the time we went inside I think she was just as tired as I was.

The good things about yesterday? It looks really good outside the bedroom window. Just a minimum of plants now and and no nettles. Yay! The interwebs finally came back – no connection all day, don’t know why – it happens on a regularly basis here. And my personal chef made cheesecake! It’s the best! That’s what I wanted the blackberries for but since that didn’t happen and there wasn’t an alternative it was “just” the cheesecake. I could easily have eaten more but I remembered Alton Brown’s words: “It’s good, it’s not good for you.” But oh my paw it’s good!! πŸ˜‹

There hasn’t been time to crochet much for days now and I’ve decided that no matter what happens I want to work on my design tonight. Maybe a little stubborness will do the trick. Have a really great day – and a slice of cake! ❀

A slice of cheesecake. The crust is perfect, the consistancy is great and the taste is just amazing

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