No gold – but light..

It’s said that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s the first thought that pops into my head when I see one. There’s no gold though and I know that so there’s no reason to go look for it. The thing is; a rainbow is circular meaning; no end. You have to be up high to see the full circle and it must be an awesome view.

I’m not going to be able to see the circular rainbow but I am able to see some of it and I think it’s a reward in itself. It’s so beautiful and yesterday I was lucky enough to see a double rainbow. The rain had just been pouring down and all of a sudden it stopped and the sun hammered through the clouds. There was still enough water droplets concentrated to create this:

Double rainbow over a field of sugar beets

It looked like I could just go over there and get that pot of gold. It didn’t seem that far away. Just behind the trees right? Yeah it’s not going to fool anyone. It’s far away with no end so there’s no gold, but it’s beautiful to look at just the same. It’s a little hard to see the second one to the left, but it’s there.

That same evening it was dark. There’s not going to be a full moon for some time, that means it’s getting really dark at night. Moxxi and I went outside but not without some assistance. She knows the drill: mom is not brave and she wants to be able to see doggo at all times. I bet Moxxi’s thinking “hooman eyes are really bad – I see a lot and I smell even more. There’s a mouse over there and in the middle of the field there’s a deer. It’s watching me. Lucky for that one I can’t get to it.”

I had a rawhide bone in my pocket when we went outside. Moxxi was chewing on it when I asked to go outside before going to bed. So it was a bit nasty in one end and Moxxi wasn’t ready to give it up just yet. Of course not. We made a deal; “If you go outside with me now, I’ll protect your bone. Ok?” I asked her. She looked at me, looked at the bone and looked at me again. She’s telling me it’s ok and I can take the bone, nasty end outside the pocket. So I did and I know that she trusts me to protect it until we get back inside.

Moxxi with her light on. The LED lights are red and she's easily seen this way when it's dark.

“You need your light on doggo.” She’ll sit still while I place the colar and turn it on, then the leash and we’re ready. She was kind enough to sit still while I took the picture. Impressive since the deer in the field was still there and she would really like to hunt it down. That’s not why we’re outside right now. She did her part, sniffed around for a while until she remembered that her bone was in my pocket. She looked at it and made it clear that she wanted it back. So we went inside and she got it. Good girl! Sleep well and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Night night.

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