For a bookworm like me a bookworm like this littly guy seemed like the perfect match. He’s so cute!

Bookworm an askew angle

He’s not particularly difficult to make, although I ran into a litte hickup or two along the way. Mostly it was my own fault and it’s what can happen when you don’t use the materials listed in the pattern. I used a 3 mm hook and cotton nr 8 yarn because that’s what I prefer to work with and I also like when my ami’s are small. It adds to the cute imo. He ended up being 6 cm/ 2.3″ tall and 7 cm/ 2.7″ long. Perfect size for my shelf.

Didn’t quite know what size eyes were used, so I figured the 6 mm eyes I had would have to do, but they seem to fit nicely. I think it’s a clever way to place eyes, but I don’t have the skill to crochet while the eyes were in the stitches, so I placed a marker instead, crocheted past the stitches and put in the eyes after that. Either way; it works.

I wish I had remembered to embroyder on the head before decreasing and closing up. It would have been a lot easier, but I forgot so it’s just “ok”. Next time I’ll remember – I hope.
The head is stuffed with fiber filling but I chose to put rice in the body. Plain round rice – uncooked of course. They add weight and stability to a project like this one, so he’s able to “stand” on his own without support of any kind. The most narrow places is 4 stitches, so it was one! grain of rice at a time in the last filling-up stage. That was.. fun! 😲 But it’s totally worth the effort.

He was a fun and nice project. Not going to make the apple just yet. It looks really nice and easy but I’ve got a couple of other crochet projects that really needs to be finished, a story is on the way and I’m designing something as well. I wish I could design 48 hours in a day – that would be awesome. There’s so many ami’s that I want to make. This little guy is off to his new home on the shelf to enjoy a good book πŸ˜‰

Design: Jackie Laing

Found the free pattern here

Copyright Β© 2020

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