Last flowers..

It’s nice to have pictures of flowers for the times when the flowers are not around. A reminder of days with colours, fragrances and an abundance of pollinators. These are the last flowers around here for a long time.

I don’t count the rose, that one is weird – it’s convinced that now is the perfect time for new buds and flowers. I’ve tried to explain the seasons to it and what it’s supposed to do when it gets colder, but it’s as willing to listen as a bird who just got hold of the end of a nice and juicy earth worm for lunch. So I’ve accepted that symbol of defiance in my garden. That one will last longer than some other “summer” flowers and I’ve seen it bloom when it was snowing – not for long, but still. So.. I kind of like that defiance. The fragrance is unbelievable. Very powerful and sweet.

The thistle is.. well, just a thistle. It’s considered a weed by most, but I like it. It has very beautiful flowers and the spikey ball under the flower is a great toy for Moxxi if we forgot to get a toy with us outside. I’ve yet to understand how she doesn’t hurt herself but maybe that’s a dog secret. She’s having a blast with them. Go figure..

The blackberries looks promising. They’re wild, full of thorns and grow like crazy everywhere, it takes quite an effort to keep them in check and you almost need a suit of armor to pick them but the berries.. oh my paw! Big, sweet, juicy and incredibly delicious! I have to start picking now. Moxxi will help me – she’s started already – and the only difference between us is that I’ll keep mine for winter. They’re great in cakes, as juice, in desserts or just as is. One other difference; she doesn’t get as many scratches as I do.

Snowberries (Symphoricarpos albus) are ordinary but nice looking, the’re done blooming but when I see the berries I know summer’s over. I remember these from when I was a kid. We used to squeeze them to hear the funny “plop” sound. We also had the order in the back of our heads: Don’t touch anything unless you’ve washed the hands afterwards, the berries are poisonous! So we remembered and nothing bad ever happened. Moxxi has an instinct that tells her to leave them alone. She must have. They’re right beside the blackberries but she never touches these so I’m not worried.

I’ll look at these pictures several times during fall and winter, counting the days until the warm weather comes back. I wish I could hibernate until then but it’s a nice reminder of natures way. Flowers go away.. but they’ll be back next summer. We need to respect nature – we can’t survive without it.

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