Mail time..

“Knock Knock” Someone’s at the door. Moxxi isn’t allowed this time, but she’s alert and SO ready to see what it is when I come back. I go to the door, open it – I know the “box-man” doesn’t have time for a dogs interest – sign for the box and by the time I’ve gotten the box inside the “box-man” is already gone. If Moxxi was able to slither through the keyhole she absolutely would – she’s that excited. I can hear her moving on the other side of the door. I wait a little.. A low whump tells me that she sat down. Then I open the door. Whoosh there she is. Eager, curious and the nose in full investigation-mode.

The boxes are different. Those I carry and put on a table before opening are not for her and the ones I drag across the floor – they’re usually heavy – and leave there are definitely some she can sniff. She figured out long ago what boxes are the interesting ones. Her nose goes to work while I find a knife. I’m able to cut the tape on one side, I have to hold my hand over the knife so that nose of hers won’t get hurt, and as soon as there’s a hole big enough for her muzzle she tries to get further in. It’s so very dificult to wait for me to cut the rest of the tape. It smells heavenly in the box! Hurry mom!

Finally! My technique and her brute force combined persuades the box to give up and open completely. Look at all those goodies! Uuh! Rawhide bones with dried chicken around, some weird stuff for the catties, some chicken things that tastes really good and.. hmm that’s a new smell. What is it? I pick up the bubble wrap and her nose follows my hands all the way. It’s a little difficult to get it open, her nose is everywhere sniffing-poking-nibbling but finally we’re getting somewhere. Suddenly there’s a lot more smell. “Mom what is it?” I tell her it’s dried ox-ears. She licks her mouth and sniffs some more. “Would you like one of these?” I ask her and the answer comes imidiately.

Whoomp! She slams her furry behind down, raises one paw so eagerly that she doesn’t register which one it is. “Yaas!” This is one of the rare moment where she’s completely focused, nothing and noone can distract her. There’s only one thing on her mind right now, the eyes are fixed on the ear in my hand. She gets the ear, runs to the other end of the living room, throwing the ear and rushes to catch it again. I sit down, the show has started.

She’s goofing around and clearly enjoying herself. Throwing stuff is one of the things she finds funny to do. The game is called “Catch the Indoor Prey”. Throws the ear away – a big arc this time, it falls and slides under the couch. Her after it, making an almost graciously belly landing and she’s looking at the ear. Now what? I want to see what she’s going to do about it, so I wait. She moves to the side and see if she can reach it from there. No, it’s too far in. Then moves back again but the muzzle can’t reach.

She’s lying still looking at the ear. Suddenly she reaches out with her paw and manages to touch the ear. Hmm not good enough. She reaches out again and this time she’s got it. Drags it out from under the couch. “Gotcha!” Impressive. She gets a “Good girl!” and she’s proud having solved the problem herself. No more games, time to eat the “prey”. She’s happy and I know that when she’s finished, she’ll go have a drink and then go to sleep. That nose of hers is tired.

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