Quiet moment..

This is one of my favorite moments of the day. The hustle and bustle has disappeared for now. The birds have settled down for the night, the bees are quiet. Most people are at home, I can see the headlights of a car very far away, but I can’t hear it. The tractors and harvesters are left in the fields, engines shut down, waiting for a new day. The occasional deer is finding a few delicious blackberry leaves before turning in.

The hunters are out, but they’re quiet. Bats. They’re small and not dangerous except for the insects they’re hunting. They’re flying around my head but I can’t hear them. They’re extremely fast and look like tiny birds. Sometimes they come really close and I can feel their “wings” gently brushing against my hair or shoulder, as they fly by but that’s ok. That happened when I took this picture, I guess the flash confused them for a moment. I don’t live anywhere exotic or even exciting, but this lovely sunset is nice. This is.. tranquility. It gives me creative inspiration. A moment to just be in the world enjoying the silence..

Beautiful sunset just before the sun disappears behind the horizon leaving only a trace of orange and red in the sky

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