Helping paws..

The whole point of a service dog is to get help with the things you can’t do yourself. They’re really good at what they do. Imagine that your whole life revolves around one job; to help a human. Often it’s the same task. Several times a day. Every day. They’re more than willing to do that. They deserve all the love and praise in the world just because of that. Moxxi helps me a lot. Every day. I’ll let her tell part of the story;

“Mom?” “Yes sweetie?” “Where’re you going?” “Outside. I have to fix the hedge today, you wanna come?” “Yaas! Always! Where’s my saddle? Oh there.. put it on please? Ok.. ready.” Wroom, off she goes. I’m far behind with the bucket of water. She’s sniffing around and being a goof, but not for long. The sun is shining and it’s really too hot to run around like that. I tie her to a big tree trunk. It’s almost three ft in diameter, so even if there’s a mouse to hunt she’s not going to run off with that. Leave enough leash for her to move around with no problems. Leave the bucket in the shadow knowing that’s she’ll probably knock it over just to se me fill it again. Best of all; there’s shade.

“MOM? Found something!” “Oh, can I see it?” “Noo heh heh.” The teasing starts, we both know it. Me trying to see what she has, her pronking around just outside my reach and having a blast. Dropping the thing on the ground, watch me go for it and fast as lightning pick it up and move outside my reach. It’s clear she’s in a mischievous mood and she’s laugning at my pathetic attempts to catch up with her. “You slow, hooman. You no match for me.” She’s right – “I give up. Instead I’ll go find something you’ll like. I’ll be back.” I know she’ll wait patiently.

First stop; the kitchen to get something worth trading, then outside into the shed. Back to Moxxi. Confused eyes; “big clipper?! Trimming claws??” “No no doggo, don’t worry. It’s for the hedge.” I can almost see the relief in her eyes. What I’m after is a trade. She’s good at trading. She’ll look and sniff at the thing I have then decide if it’s worth trading for. I know she’ll like this. “Wanna trade?” She sniffs. “Uhh selery! Ok, I trade. I love this!” I get to see what she had. It’s chewed up and quite wet but it seems like it started out as.. a feather… 😂

While she’s chewing on her selery I work on the hedge. Oh shute! I can’t reach. Off to get a chair. When I come back she’s done. Meaning; eating the inside and leaving the outer shell. “Aren’t you going to eat that doggo?” “Nope, I made a canoe.” “Oh I see, should we make a sail and see if it’ll float?” “Don’t be weird hooman! Uh you got me a chair!” Before I can do anything she’s sitting on the chair, very satisfied with herself. Aah much better than the ground. “Thanks hooman. I knew you were good for something.” She helps me allright; she makes sure I get to laugh every day and I’m grateful for that.

Siberian Husky sitting on a chair licking her mouth, tongue sticking out a bit. She's happy

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