Crocheted Xenomorph hiding between the stems. Only part of the head and some teeth can be seen

Something’s lurking in the shadows.. Better be careful. You never know what comes out of there. Maybe it’s something dangerous..

Crocheted Xenomorph in full view. Black with gray belly patch. Big claws on hands and feet

There’s a lot of teeth and claws on that one. If we stand still, maybe it won’t see us..

Crocheted Xenomorph photografed from the ground. Looks like it's reaching out for you with the mouth open

Roaarhh!!! OH NO! Run for your life! Look at those claws.. It’s going to eat us!

Crocheted Xenomorph on her way. Seen from the back with 6 spines and a long tail showing.

That was a close one.. Good thing she was distracted. Off you go girl. Eat something else. Pheeew..!

Design: Kamila “Krawka” Krawczyk etsy

I had a lot of fun making this. There was a lot of small parts to put together. There’s a bunch of wires in there too, from the feet all the way up and into the head. It’s a bit difficult to work with, but it provides a lot of stability so it’s absolutely worth the “hazzle” 😊

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