Nerdy gift..

Found this little gem in my search for something that could be a “nice and nerdy gift”: the Tardis. I made it a little different but it turned out ok. I’ve never seen a Dr. Who episode so I don’t really know anything about it, but from the little pieces and quotes I’ve picked up along the way I’ve learned: “it’s bigger on the inside”. This Tardis is about 4″ tall so I hope that’s true.

Design: Nyss Parkes pixelatedmushroom

It was tricky to shape it so I cut out a piece of cardboard, shaped it into a square and put inside. The top is tinfoil shaped as a pyramid and held down with duct tape. Felt for the windows with single strands of yarn glued on and a couple of pieces of yarn to make the text on the sign. As always; embroidery isn’t my strongest suit so I’m glad it’s just on one side 😊

Copyright © 2020

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