It’s so very nice to feel protected. Especially in the evening or at night and you know someone is watching over you. Then you can be at peace. A dog is a wonderful alarm button that goes of when ever something isn’t quite right. They keep out burglars and intruders of any kind and will throw themselves in the fight to protect their humans if need be. You can look into those beautiful gentle eyes and see the dog is willing to do what ever it takes. If you have earned the trust, the respect and the loyalty of the dog, it’ll do that without regard for its own safety. Those eyes tells you: “I got your back!”

Moxxi is… hmm.. not that kind of dog. I’ve earned the trust, the respect and the loyalty, and a husky is a lot of things, but let’s face it; a guard dog isn’t one of them. However she does sometimes sound the alarm, or as I’ve learned over time – her version of sounding the alarm. The first time she made the sound I got worried and rushed to her to see if something was stuck in her throat and she was trying to cough it up. It sounded that way. Examined her and found nothing. She made the sound again and this time I told her “show me” and I watched more carefully to understand what she was telling me.

She jumped up to her windowsill and looked out. Made the sound again and then it hit me; she’s telling me that something is wrong outside. So I began to enforce that behaviour by telling her “You protect. Good girl!” and give her a little treat. It worked like a charm. She’s alert by nature but if she could learn to be an almost-guard-dog-ish that would be great. She can growl, bark and howl like any other husky. She just prefers not to unless something special is going on – and even then she never howls, and no other dog can give you the silent treatment as she can. Being who she is, it shouldn’t really surprise me that her version of a loud startling alarm-bark is “pff!” Like a mix between a cough and a whisper.

Last night – while I was trying to get some crochet on – the alarm sounded: “Pfff!”.. “Pff! pfff!”.. “Pff!” I looked over and she was were I expected to find her; in her windowsill looking out and alarming everyone within earshot meaning only me. “Pff!” I went over, didn’t see anything but it was getting semi-dark and a deer could easily walk around out there and only Moxxi would see it. She looked at me, look at the bucket with treats and looked at me again. Very clear message and we performed the expected ritual. She turned her attention to the window again. Pff!”

“You’re not gonna get another treat”, I told her. She’s cunning enough to pull a stunt like that – she’s done it before, but she ignored me and kept looking out. Pff!”..Pff!”
“Mox? It’s ok. You can stop now”, I told her. It usually works. Not this time. She stared intensely out the window into the growing darkness. “Pff!”
It was clear that something had her seriously spooked. A big four-legged wild and dangerous creature of some sort, her body language told me. Hmm I’m not going to get any crochet on tonight after all. Might as well go look. So I found the leash and collar and Moxxi was at the door like a bolt of lightning. Out we went.

Whoosh! Straight as an arrow she hurried forward pulling me after her, since I completely forgot what it is husky’s are really good at and therefore had a too firm grip on the leash. My bad. I got a little nervous, it was darker than I realized and there are foxes in the area. They’ll probably flee but you never know with wild animals. They can be quite unpredictable.

Suddenly Moxxi stopped dead in her tracks, hackles raised on the shoulders and a bit further down, making her back look like the dorsal fin of a barb fish. She stared at her target “Pff!”
I watched her head to get the direction of the intruder, getting ready to defend her and my self if needed. There it was! She went a little further and started to sniff and examine. Suddenly she lost interest. Like.. puff! Interest gone! She knew what it was. I took a breath of relief. So did I… Gahh!

Camping chair on the lawn. It's almost dark

She went to go pee like nothing had been wrong and we went inside. She got her treat, then ate some food and went to bed, knowing she had been a good girl and protected me from danger. … Pfft!

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