Ever had a sunburn? Like.. a really nasty one? All red, warm and aching. The slightest touch hurts so much. Your skin feeling something like this:

Fire burning with bright orange flames
Photo by Pixabay on

We all have to be careful in the sun. Just as important; we have to be careful on behalf of our pets. Access to clean fresh water is a given. Shade is another. Right now it’s very hot outside, the sidewalks and the asphalt is very hot to walk on. We don’t pay much attention to it because we usually wear shoes. But our dogs do. Right now there are dogs who suffer severe burns on their paw pads, because the daily walk was done on too hot a surface. Imaging to have a second degree sunburn on the whole sole of both feet. Yikes.. right?

We have to be careful and make sure they don’t burn their paws. A walk in the early hours of the day or in the late afternoon/evening is much better than in the middle of the day (remember to bring water and a bowl). If you’re not sure if the asphalt is too warm, take off your shoes and stand/walk barefoot on it. If you think it’s uncomfortable, there’s a good chance the dog will find it uncomfortable too. If you’re still not sure then wait. Please be careful with this. The dog will love you for it..

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