Moxxi intro..

Siberian Husky puppy lying on the lawn enjoying life. Water and food nearby and blanket to lie on. A carrot and a rawhide bone for entertainment. Moxxi is mostly white at this point with a little grey in the head and on the tail.

This is Moxxi. She’s part time cat, full time diva. Great hunter, smart, stubborn, cunning and mischieveous. The perfect specimen called Siberian Husky. I’ve written small bits about her before and I was wondering if I should post them here. A blog post on here caught my eye and I thought: yeah, why not. What’s the point of having a wonderful dog and not share that. So here’s a intro:

She’s named after “Mad Moxxi” from Borderlands. I don’t really know why, but it’s a cool name so why not. One thing both Moxxi’s share is the lack of modesty and a bit of crazyness. My Moxxi does what she feels like, when she feels like it and couldn’t care less what others think of her. We can have a deep and interesting dogversation and she’ll suddenly let out surplus air from either end. Charming..

Her journey started three years ago. She looked like a piglet when she was born. Four weeks later she looked like a miniature polar bear. When she was ready to come live with me she looked like a bat with those enormous ears. Eventually she grew into those and began to look like a dog. Pheew I thought I’d gotten a zoological pot luck.

I need a couple of weeks time to teach a dog where to go do their “business”. This one didn’t care to read that memo. The first night I woke up feeling like drowning. Something wet swept around my nose and then the whole face. Bling! Awake! Moxxi had told me that she needed to go outside. We went outside as fast as possible. She did her thing, got a reward and praise and I thought: “great, I can get a few more hours”. But I hadn’t seen the memo about what was to happen next.

“You wanna go inside?” I hopefully asked. I’m not particularly brave outside at 2 am when it’s dark and cloudy. Besides; Fall is kind of cold at night. The only light is from the moon and that infernal puppy insisted on going exploring. She’d spent most of the day in the garden with me to get to know her new surroundings, but she wasn’t done yet.

So off she went dragging the 65 ft leash behind her not caring, sniffing the ground, the air and everything in between. I watched her as she went to see how far away she’d go. Lil’ pup usually stays close to begin with. But.. Sixty feet was as far away as she’d go! Stiff lims, head held high and the tail that couldn’t curl up yet protruding stiff and confident. That night she told me everything I needed to know about her psyche. She’s strong, stubborn, independent, curious and not afraid of anything! She had me out there for about half an hour before she was ready to go inside to sleep. By that time I was too awake so I just made a cup of coffee and started the day. That was the only night she needed an outside pitstop and that was it. That surprised me.

“You’re gonna need a cage for that dog!” they said. No I don’t. I refuse to put my dog in a cage. “You’ll be sorry when she’s eaten the couch” the said. No I won’t, she won’t eat the couch. “She’ll chase cars!” they said. No she won’t. “Husky’s have notoriously bad behaviour and being “bad dogs!” they said. That may be but in my world there’s no such thing as a “bad dog”. I won’t let her be so bored that she finds something to chew on that’s not hers. Three years later: I still don’t want a cage, she hasen’t eaten the couch or any other furniture, she hasn’t ripped down the wallpaper and she hasn’t chased a single car. So of course I’m the obnoxious know-it-all for proving them wrong. No I’m not. What I am is willing to go to great lenghts to keep Moxxi happy, stimulated, exercised and occupied.

She’s a lousy guard-dog. Where others will sound the alarm and bark: “stranger, danger!” Moxxi will wag her tail like crazy, be happy, curious and go “Stranger, hi! Let me sniff you. Hi – hi – oh but.. HI!!” She’ll “attack” you all right – with love and compation.

Adult Siberian Husky lying on the couch relaxing. Favourite ball and rope nearby. Rawhide bone ready to be chewed on. Moxxi's fur looks like a wolf with a lot of grey down the back and tail, the characteristic line down the middle of her face.

She’s a great companion. High maintenance and very time consuming but.. a great companion!

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4 thoughts on “Moxxi intro..

  1. Hi, what a lovely post! I remembered our own dog years back, his name is ‘Pogi’ or handsome in English. He’s so people friendly, that even our neighbors would like his company in going to the mountains or stroll along the river. He would go with them. He’s well-loved that we cried hard when he died.

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