Why crochet?

What makes a craft desirable? Is it the tools needed or the medium to be worked with? Who wakes up one morning and thinks: “I want to turn wood into fabolous bowls!” Where does the idea come from?

Crafting has always been a part of peoples culture and the skills have been given from the older to the young through generations. That way the craft survives. Crocheting is quite old and Queen Victoria in England gave the craft a major boost by giving it the royal seal of approval by when she bought lace that Irish women had made so they could make a living after the potato famine. The Queen learned to crochet herself and made 8 scarves that are now part of the world’s history.

Since then crocheted items have gone from flat lace, to whole garments like dresses, skirts, blouses etc. The humble granny-square was made into hats, scarves, afghans, vests and much more. Even today the big fashion houses incorporates crocheted items for the catwalk. That’s impressive.

Crocheted dark brown treestump with white flowers, vines and ladybugs

For me it was kind of a coincidence. I have always been surrounded by people who could knit, sew and embroider and they could do this in their sleep – they were that good. I learned knitting in school and I still remember that yellow piece of stockinette with big holes in the middle of it, the edge went from from very narrow to extremely wide like a drunk. It was awful! I learned sewing and embroidery at home, I got better over the years, but they never really “spoke” to me. I like knitting socks and that’s about it.

The only person I knew who could crochet was my grandma. She made thousands of granny sqares and turned them into afghans. I can still see her sitting in her rocking chair, working on a square, talking to her parakeet and drinking her coffee. She never taught me though. Maybe i was too young in her mind. She taught me to play cards but that’s another story.

One day I got a request for a crocheted accessery. I pointed out that I didn’t know how to crochet and the answer was: “well then it’s a great opportunity to learn, don’t you think?” That’s my way of thinking, so I dived in. Learned what I had to and made the accessery and started to make other things. I could only do 2D things and I’ve never even made a doily. Then amigurumi hit Europe, I had to see what it was, and then I was hooked. It’s my absolute favourite! I’ve taught myself everything and what I don’t know, I can find and learn.

The most important lesson I learned over the years is: it’s irrelevant where the inspiration comes from or what other people say. If you want to try something – go for it, learn and be the best you can be.

Crocheted dark brown treestump with vines in dark and light green and a couple of purple berries

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