All beginnings are hard…

When I decided to create a blog, it was mostly because I realized that I need to have more control in terms of what to post, where and how. This is a way to gain control over my words. I admit I was scared out of my skull. I still am but don’t tell anyone 😉. If someone can use this, it’s worth it.
It was easy enough to figure out where to blog. The hard part came when I tried to create something. Staring at this overwhelming thing and thinking: “ok, what to do now?” BAM! A solid brick wall came out of nowhere and stopped me in my tracks. I had no idea! A gazilion looks at “help” later. Ok I think.. I THINK I got some of it, but boy it was difficult. I’d expected a learning curve, but not this steep. Jeeez

So I spend days struggling to get started with the time I had. There’s this annoying and very boring thing called IRL to deal with too, but most evenings I spent trying to figure out this mystery. It wasn’t at all easy as 1,2,3 and you’re good to go. Maybe I misunderstood something and I know my age is working against me. Internet-thing wasn’t invented a couple of centuries ago, old dogs and yada yada..
By the end of day 5 I was 87% sure I would call it quits. It was simply too difficult, especially because I need to be visually hand-held in the beginning to show me the ropes, and I felt left to my own devices. I’m not bashing the help in WordPress – it’s me who can’t use it properly, and I will say this: when you ask for help, they’re extremely fast so the help is never far away.

However I got extremely frustrated an I began to loose sleep. That’s where I draw the line so now what?
Day 6 I made a last attempt. Because I’m stubborn! Found a video on Youtube that looked like “How To Do This For Old Farts Who Just Don’t Get It”. Lo and behold… I understood something! YAY! I did everything he did while I watched the video. Step by step.

Some of the things are irrelevant to me but I’ve already learned a lot and I’m not done. In the middle of all this – with a head that’s very tired but with a sense of accomplishment – I wanted to write a blog post about the difficulties I’ve had. I can’t be the only one who’s been close to giving up. Right now I’m only 72% sure I’ll call it quits. Maybe 67%..
Can I remember all I’ve learned tomorrow? Probably not, but now I know there’s a video out there, that has what I need: a hand to hold in the beginning to show me the ropes as many times as I need it to. YAAS! I highly recommend this video:

I still have absolutely no idea of what I’m doing, but all the things on my list have been crossed out by now, so I guess I should go live..? Now THAT’S scary! Am I at all ready for this? Have no idea. All fingers crossed and push the big scary button “Launch”..

Update: It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m beginning to find some fun. There’s still a ton of things I don’t know or can’t figure out how to do, but I’m not scared anymore, nor am I reluctant to try out things because “what if I break something”. That’s a great improvement. It’s become a “see what’s up, post something, check that it works and done”. This was what I wanted and I’m only … hmm… 0% sure I’ll call it quits. Yay! 😄

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