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Food Waste..

After putting all the Christmas decorations back in their boxes – that took a whole day and isn’t fun at all. It’s much more fun to find the boxes and figure out how to decorate.. Ah well. That part’s over for now and the first real shopping trip for me was today. People behave as […]

Afraid? Nope..

It’s been a couple of days since New Year and everything is wrapped in grey rain. Since I wasn’t able to get any fireworks this time, I thought I’d go outside anyway and look at other peoples firework. Moxxi went with me as always – she needed to use the bathroom anyway. She’s not afraid […]

Happy New Year..

Thank you all ­čĺĽ Another year is almost over, I sincerely hope the next one will be better. I said that last time too and that didn’t help but maybe this time. I’ve given myself a kind of vacation. It turned out that 24 posts in just as many days was too tall an order, […]

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