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Lonely reindeer..

Finished amigurumi I don’t have the pattern anymore. This reindeer is the only thing left of a failed and rather massive project but there’s no reason to throw it out just because of that. It was part of a project containing a huge merry-go-round and I finished the base and the roof as well. Then […]


It got too difficult to keep track of laps while walking and dealing with the chaos of thoughts in the head. I can’t do anything about the chaos but I can eliminate counting. I need to walk between two and four km every single day just for me. Then there’s the walk with Moxxi that […]

Lantern with stars..

Cardboard just for fun It’s dark outside. Really dark. The evening walk with doggo has to start about 3 pm in order to get home before it’s pitch black. So I wanted to spread a little light and made a lantern out of a carton that used to contain 2 liters of green tea. It’s […]

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