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Animals everywhere..

It’s been a week filled with animals. In the small department there was the big black beetle Moxxi found, tasted and found out those are not for eating. I’ve never seen her sneeze and shake her head this much since she found out that ants aren’t food either. They were mad! Just because she dug […]

Lemon cake..

Recipe It’s been a while since we’ve had cake. Last week I couldn’t do anything flour-related because a certain someone forgot to buy flour! (whistling and looking very innocent 😉). I finally got some flour this week and I made a yummy lemon cake. It’s easy and delicious. We need: 150 g AP flour 1½ […]

One of a kind or none at all..

Cooking and baking recipes from other countries are exciting. Maybe you find something you like and it’s always nice to learn about other places and their food. If I had the oportunity to travel, there would be so many places I would want to visit for their food alone. However.. it’s difficult to get the […]

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